Vijaya Boggala – An Insight into 3 Simple Action Photography Tips with a Medical Specialist

Action photography is a super exciting genre for photographers to shoot. As the name suggests, the photographer shoots subjects that are in action. For instance, athletes who are running, jumping, etc. You need to capture a flying object in motion, and you have a split second to catch the action live. This makes the art of action photography all the more challenging but interesting.

Vijaya Boggala –action photography and simple tips to make it easy

Dr.Vijaya Boggala is a general practitioner from Greensboro, NC, in the USA.He also writes and has been a co-author on some informative abstracts for medical publications that have been published recently. He enjoys watching live sports like cricket, tennis, and basketball in his free time. Besides the above, he has an avid interest in action photography, slow shutter speed photography, and landscape photography. He is also fond of painting using oil and acrylic paints and regularly works on DIY projects in his spare time. At home, he has an adorable four -year son whom he is very proud of.

When it comes to action photography, he says the following tips will make the art more interesting-


  1. Freeze – This is the technical aspect of the photograph. When you are shooting still nature, landscapes, or even a portrait, your subject is not moving. You can use and also get away with multiple camera settings for proper exposure. However, the same technique cannot be used with action photography and subjects that move. You need to prioritize the shutter speed so that your photographs do not come out blurred and you can freeze the action on your lens.


  1. Experiment with interesting angles – If you examine the world with your eyes daily, you will discover ways to create unique imagery if you attempt to shoot from various angles. When you focus low and shoot on your subjects, they seem to be towering above the viewer and appear bigger than life. For instance, if you are shooting a CrossFit athlete on a scaling rope, you should climb at a higher angle to capture the shot.


  1. Select your background after careful consideration – After you have configured your camera’s settings and chosen the right angles, the next step is to consider the background you will use for the shoot carefully. It is obvious that you would not like the background for your shoot to be busy and noisy. This will detract from your image.

It would help if you searched for a clean space for framing your subject or, better, find one that complements the subject or the sport you want to capture. This helps you to elevate your story. For instance, you can photograph a ballet dancer leaping in the air with the background of a bridge behind her. This would look like she is leaping over the bridge, and the feat will seem impressive.


Vijaya Prakash Boggala sums up by saying, the above three tips will help you hone your action photography skills successfully. You should compare your past and current photographs to improve. With regular practice, you will become perfect.