Martin Lloyd Sanders – An Overview of The Eligibility Requirements and Job Profile for Army Doctors

Many young graduates in America choose to join the army as doctors after earning their medical degrees. These aspirants believe choosing this career path allows them to serve their country. They even get the chance to travel and treat patients in far-flung areas of the world. Moreover, they get to specialize in using the latest medical technology, unlike their civilian counterparts. However, they need to meet stringent entry eligibility criteria the army imposes for all its applicants. In some cases, they have to undergo thorough background scrutiny to get a security clearance. Only then can they pursue their dreams of becoming army doctors.

Martin Lloyd Sanders – Responsibilities of army doctors and the areas they specialize in

Captain Martin Sanders is a renowned public health specialist from Maryland, United States, with a PhD. degree. He has a wealth of experience spanning more than 18 years. His area of expertise is in occupational health, biosafety, and security. He is currently an officer in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. He holds the rank of Chief Scientist in this prestigious federal organization. At the same time, he also is the Director of Safety in another prominent federal government agency. This is the Environmental Compliance and Emergency Management for the Federal Occupational Health.

In the opinion of Martin Lloyd Sanders doctors in the army are responsible for performing a wide range of tasks, which include:

  • Providing healthcare to all personnel and their dependent family members in various military establishments,
  • Treating soldiers with serious battlefield wounds, they sustain during combat missions and other emergencies,
  • Supervising the distribution of international relief efforts and providing care to victims of natural calamities,
  • Taking command of medical units in far-flung military outposts and supervising the staff there.

Doctors in the army specialize in many diverse fields of medicine. These include surgery, otolaryngology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, neurology, urology, emergency medicine, and therapeutic radiology.

Eligibility requirements for joining the army as doctors

Young aspirants seeking to join the army as qualified doctors need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in subjects such as biology and chemistry to gain admission into medical school,
  • Obtain and earn a 4-year medical degree from an approved medical school in the country,
  • Successfully complete all endurance, obstacle, and physical fitness tests the army stipulates for all applicants,
  • Pass all the written mental aptitude tests the army set for new recruits,
  • Be willing to undergo a thorough background check by a federal authority for a security clearance, and
  • Receive training to operate independently in all kinds of hostile and inhospitable environments.

Martin Lloyd Sanders concludes by saying all aspirants need to understand admission perquisites for various regiments of the army differ. They need to hold a valid state medical license and current practice certificate to become doctors. Moreover, they should be willing to sign a service contract with the army after completing their initial training. This legally binding agreement stipulates they are to serve in the armed forces for a minimum period of 20 years.  They will receive salaries and other benefits commensurate to their ranks during this phase.