Dr. Paolo Boffetta- Doctors Discover Significant Link between Women’s Talc & Ovarian Cancer

Does the use of talcum powder cause ovarian cancer in women? This is a question that most women ask, especially with the surge of ovarian cancer figures worldwide. Unfortunately, recent research conducted by a group of specialists in Manhattan has discovered a link between the two. However, the doctors’ team is yet to release conclusive evidence on the report to establish the above.  Moreover, they are still researching whether talcum powder has any ingredient that can cause potential harm to the ovaries in a woman.

Dr. Paolo Boffetta – How does talcum powder affect your ovaries?

Dr. Paolo Boffetta, Associate Director at The Tisch Cancer Institute of The Mount Sinai Hospital, reported his team’s findings of the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer in the esteemed medical publication- The European Journal of Cancer Prevention. He is an eminent epidemiologist in cancer research and has published several valuable content on the subject.

These findings were discovered during a meta-analysis that re-assessed approximately 24 published analyses of the past. It re-examined multiple prospective studies that revolved around 302,000 female patients with cancer in their ovaries.

What is talcum powder?

Since talc is a powder, it can soak up moisture and reduces friction. This makes it beneficial to keep the applied area of the skin dry to curb rashes. You often find talc in adult and baby body and face powders. You can find the ingredient in a large number of other consumer products as well.

The talcum powder’s key ingredient is talc that is highly purified and comprises a mineral composed of magnesium, oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon. Talc comes in a powder form, and women often apply it to their genital region to absorb moisture. In the process of doing so, they are likely to fall prey to ovarian cancer.In its natural state, talc has asbestos. This is a substance known to cause cancers in and the surrounding region near the lungs if people inhale it.

What do medical experts conclude?

When it comes to whether talcum powder causes cancer, scientists need to distinguish between talcum powder products with asbestos and those without it. Talcum powder with asbestos is generally accepted as the cause of cancer when someone inhales it. However, the evidence about talcum powder without asbestos is not clear.

There is a suggestion that the talcum powder might be the cause of cancer in women’s ovaries. If the powder particles are applied to sanitary napkins or the genital area, condoms or diaphragm are to travel through the uterus, vagina, and the Fallopian tubes to the ovary of the female.

There are several studies in women where a possible link has been found between ovarian cancer and talcum powder; however, different studies have reported a slight increase in ovarian cancer risks.

Dr.Paolo Boffetta concludes that until further evidence is available, women are concerned about the use of talcum powder on their bodies. He suggests that women should limit or better still avoid products that contain talcum powder to be on the safe side till results of whether it is safe or not being produced.