Dr. Kami Hoss – A General Overview of Dental Fillings and Braces

A dental filling refers to an artificial substance which a dentist uses to fill a gap in your tooth. This hollow might be the result of many different causes. These include tooth decay affecting only the enamel, damage, nail-biting, or bad habits such as teeth grinding. The implant helps to restore the overall shape, structure, and stability of your teeth. This helps youto prevent further damage. This makes it for you to continue eating your food without feeling any discomfort. However, you still need to maintain proper dental hygiene to ensure the rest of your teeth are looked after well.

Dr. Kami Hoss – What should you know about dental fillings?

Dr. Kami Hoss is a well-known dentist from San Diego, California, with 20 years of experience. He specializes in pediatric dentistry but also caters to adult patients. He is the co-founder of The Super Dentists, which is an esteemed dental clinic in the USA.

He says that you must visit your dentist regularly to check the oral health of your teeth. You would need a dental filling for your teeth if-

  • A hole in your tooth resulting from minor tooth decay affects the enamel,
  • Presence of dark spots on the tooth suggesting the onset of decay,
  • Indications of food particles stuck in-between the edges of two teeth, and
  • Presence of multiple cavities in your tooth,

Procedure for having dental fillings

The dentist first administers local anesthesia to sedate you during the procedure temporarily. He then examines the decayed tooth to determine the extent of tooth damage. In doing so, he generally probes the area uses a metal instrument known as an explorer. Next, he proceeds to remove the decayed areas of the tooth using a high-speed drill or laser.

The dentist stops the drilling once he reaches the tooth’s inner core, known as the dentin. He then creates a hollow space in the tooth to place the dental filling carefully inside. He will have to restore the teeth to different shaping techniques depending on what material the filling is made of. These could be composite resin, silver amalgam, porcelain, or glass ionomer. Only then will the dental filling stay in place.

Dental Braces – improve your self -confidence with them

In case you have protruding teeth that affect your smile and reduce your self-esteem, you can get invisible braces to set your teeth in their proper way. For this, you need to visit a good orthodontist for an extensive check-up. He will insert a device that keeps your mouth dry and puts your tongue in a place that will not interfere with the procedure.

The teeth will be dried, and an etchant will be applied to the area. This is to make the surface of the tooth right for bonding. Later, braces will be fixed on the teeth with a special adhesive that holds them in place for the treatment period.

Kami Hoss Braces can deal with your dental issue. Kami Hoss sums up by saying you should visit your dentist if you have any misalignment of teeth that affects your smile or appearance. It generally takes about 24 months for you to see results.